Our Vision

Is to build a company that can adapt and change with market demands, with a solid fondation based on honesty excellent service and competitive prices. And we will always invest in our home town of Behchoko, hopefully creating opportunity's for our residents.  

How it Began

We started providing a much needed daily bus service from Behchoko to Yellowknife in 1996. Our passengers were able to attend appointments and pickup grocery's. Mining company's also used our service to transport there employees into Yellowknife and return to catch flights to and from the mine sites. When the Airport in Edzo opened, and the mining company's started to fly there employees directly, sadly we had no choice but to discontinue the service. We had to change with the times, we then concentrate on Bus charters and taxi services, we realized then how volatile our business was we needed to diversify our transportation service, and begun to build a much needed LTL freight service between Edmonton and Yellowknife. Currently we provide highway taxi and courier services between Behchoko and Yellowknife. Motor coach charters to the Aurora tour company's, and provide LTL freight weekly from our depot in Edmonton, as well we do FTL across Canada.